tech lit - media centre & educational technology

Media Centre

When do the children access the Media Center? 

Grade 1-7: Attend a 1 hour lesson every alternate week (Gr R 30 min every alternate week), where they work on integrated computer-based lessons in the well equipped media center. The children are also able to access a diverse catalogue of books, which they are able to checkout, either during their lesson time, before school, at break times or after school. The Media Center remains open until 4 pm Mon - Thurs and 3pm on Fridays, for children wishing to find a quiet space to complete homework, study, or read. A highlight of the year is the Grade 3’s Library night where they come to school on a Friday evening, dressed as their favourite book character and enjoy a variety of activities including a scavenger hunt, a book quiz and this year, an escape room, with their teachers.   

Check out our Grade 3s

The Grade 3s have been learning how to use Flipgrid to share what they learnt about Dinosaurs in their topic last term. Check them out!

Educational Technology

Our Vision: - Allow learners to confidently develop their abilities in the usage of technology, and apply this in a holistic way in their everyday lives. 

- Embed creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration through learner-centered, engaging, and fun educational activities. 

- Employ dynamic and innovative use of technological integration. 

Fish Hoek Primary School is a Google School. This means that all our children have access to the Google for Education apps and Grades 4 - 7 spend most of their time in the Media Center using the Google apps, including Google Classroom.  At Fish Hoek Primary School, we acknowledge the need for a more technology-rich approach to learning and have answered that need with a bank of Chromebooks that are timetabled for each class to work on them in the classroom, either for classwork or on our online math-based program, Matific. Our plan is eventually to have a bank of Chromebooks per grade that teachers can use to embed technology and 21st century skills, like critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, into their classrooms.