Learners' support

Remedial Team

What is available to children needing extra assistance? 

We have a school based support team that aims to bring all role players together to understand children holistically and embrace their diversity in order to develop confidence and competence.

Support offered at school may include 

  • Tuition in small groups during school hours
  • Extra lessons after school
  • Private remedial, occupational or speech therapy at school
  • Reading with ‘reading moms’
  • Use of technology and concessions in assessments
  • Collaborative planning and development of a range of effective strategies to overcome challenges.

"Our aim is to enable, not label our children"

EQ Lessons

Emotional Intelligence lessons are taught by the school counsellor and by the social worker, forming part of the timetable from Grade 1 - 6.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand your own moods and emotions and to express them clearly. It is also the ability to read other peoples’ emotions correctly and respond appropriately to them. It involves the development of social and emotional skills.

How do we learn it?

We can develop EQ in children by teaching them about specific social-emotional skills such as self-control, self-awareness, empathy, perspective-taking and co-operation. We do this through stories, discussion, role-play and games. Building emotional language helps to identify and express one’s own feelings and those of others better.

Why is it important?

There is an important direct link between emotions and learning. Helping children deal with their emotions and social concerns more effectively can boost their ability to learn. Caring and respectful relationships between teachers and learners, and among learners, improves classroom atmosphere. 

These improved relationships help to increase motivation, attention, focus and encourage positive attitudes and improve self-esteem and well-being. They also help to reduce destructive behaviour such as teasing, bullying, isolating self/others and poor choices. 

Homework, Extra Lessons & Study Skills


Homework is for work not completed in class and to be finished at home. Homework is for consolidation of reading, phonics, spelling and spel (Afrikaans), for preparation of orals and mondeling (Afrikaans), for revision/ study in preparation for tests and exams and for research towards projects which are done in class. No new work will be given for homework.

Why do we do homework? 

We like to have the parents’ involvement in their child’s education – parents must be aware of their child’s progress, aware of what is being taught in the curriculum. We feel that it is of great benefit to develop a healthy work ethic which is necessary for high school and beyond. 

Extra Lessons

Extra lessons in English, Afrikaans & Maths are available to all learners after school.

Study Skills

Study skills is an extra on offer to all learners after school.