Grade R

What to expect Grade R

 Do you follow a set curriculum and is the school monitored by the WCED? 

CAPS followed but tweaked to suit FHPS. Departmental visits occur and promotions and progressions are signed off by the WCED at the end of each year.

How are the assessments done? 

Assessments done all term (by observation and by ongoing tasks) and termly reports given.

How do staff communicate with parents? 

Teachers are always available to speak with parents about any concern, and a parent may request a meeting with their child’s teachers at any time. Dropping off or picking up can be a busy time for staff. We encourage you to make an appointment so that undivided attention may be given to you. Teachers will communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress. Additionally, each child is sent home weekly with a form that communicates the activities of the week.


Are the staff trained? 

All staff qualified with a relevant teaching degree and are SACE Registered.

How many adults per child? 

Teacher + 1 Assistant in each class.

How big are the classes? 

Max 24 per class.

How is discipline handled? 

Discipline is positive. We encourage the children to come up with their own conflict resolutions. Difficult children are removed from the group and encouraged to take time out and reflect on behaviour. We encourage empathy and try to redirect behaviour and set boundaries. 

Are extra therapies available if necessary? 

Remedial, OT and speech are offered on site for those who would benefit from group therapy. However, private sessions are needed by some.

What else is on offer? 

Many sports and extra murals offered.

What does the school offer over and above the curriculum? 

Ball skills, domestic skills, music appreciation and computer lessons are part of the curriculum and part of school fees.

Do you go on outings? 

No, we get outside shows and people of interest to come to school.

What After Care facilities are available? 

Early morning care is available from 07h15 in the Gr R garden. This is a free service. After Care children are collected from Gr R and taken to After Care. This is paid for and runs until 06h00 and in all school holidays, excepting over the Christmas period.

What should my child wear? 

We encourage messy play, and although we supply an apron, spills are a part of our day. Please send your child in older, comfortable clothes. A sun hat is provided for outside play.

What is the school’s religious policy? 

At FHPS no doctrine is taught. Certain religious events and holidays which are culturally significant may be celebrated during the year with a non-religious focus.  For example, in December we celebrate the holiday seasons with Santa etc and a Nativity Play  is produced in which all children are encouraged to participate. We have a diverse community that encompasses many religions and cultures and we endeavour to be sensitive to every family’s beliefs.

Does my child have to attend FHPS Gr R if we want them to attend Gr 1? 

No. There are a limited number of places available for Gr 1. However, having been at Gr R at FHPS when starting primary school, they are at a significant advantage knowing the “big school” and are academically and socially well prepared.

Will my child settle easily? 

Preschool is an opportunity for children to develop and experience the joy of their independence. We view our little people as capable and very willing to make new relationships with adults and children at preschool. For a few children preschool is their first experience in a group setting away from their parents. We acknowledge that this process can be a big challenge and a little scary  for parents as well as children. We will work with you on the best way to step out and allow your child to make connections with others and have a smooth transition to preschool. We have years of experience in guiding children through the separation process. 

What must my child bring to school? 

A piece of fruit for sharing, snack for 10h30, something to drink (preferably water) and a set of spare clothes.

Is my child safe in the play space? 

The school is locked and is under camera surveillance. Staff are on duty before school and at break time. The Gr R play area is separate from the Gr 1 play area.