Pre-Grade R

What to expect Pre-Grade R

What does a Pre-Grade R day hold?

Pre Grade R focuses on skills necessary for readiness in Grade R. Fun activities and games which focus on social skills, physical skills, language and maths skills as well as perceptual development take place daily. The daily programme consists of morning ring, table activities such as board games and playdough, gross motor play and fantasy play. There is lots of singing and learning poems and rhymes. Water and capacity play allow for maths exploration and sensory stimulation. There are also weekly ball skills as well as movement to music/dance taught by outside coaches. These are included in the monthly fees.

How do staff communicate with parents?

Pre-Grade R teachers are happy to engage with you at drop off or collection time. If you require a lengthy chat about a concern, please make an appointment with the teacher. Children have a message book which is sent home daily. There is a weekly insert informing parents of the theme of the week as well as any other relevant information.


There is one teacher (with relevant early childhood qualifications), one assistant as well as one full time cleaning lady with the Pre-Grade R group.

Class size

We can accommodate a maximum of 24 children in the Pre-Grade R class.


Young children are generally very happy to be at school, are willing to comply and eager to please. Sometimes they do silly things, without thinking through the consequences of their actions. We find that discipline as such is not usually necessary, but rather some time to think and reflect on their choice of behaviour. 

Early morning and After Care 

Early morning care is available free of charge from 07h15 in the Grade R garden. The Pre-Grade R children are collected from the Grade R area and taken to their classroom just after 8. After Care takes place straight after school. This is paid for and includes a full lunch every day. After Care closes at 18h00 every evening. Holiday care takes place during school holidays. 

What should my child wear? 

Please do not send your child in their best clothes. We do lots of messy, fun and creative activities! Aprons are worn for such activities. Please send your child in practical, comfortable clothes and remember to send a sun hat.

Settling in to Pre-Grade R 

The staff at Pre-Grade R are nurturing and understand the fact that starting at a new school can be scary at first. We will work together with you to ensure that both you and your child cope with the changes and challenges of a new school experience.

What to bring to school 

The children need a snack as well as water or juice for break time at about 10h00. Please also send a spare set of clothes in case of accidents.


Gates are kept locked and the playing area is under camera surveillance. The school is a member of CMR and the staff all have basic life support training. 

Grade R acceptance 

Children who attend Pre-Grade R are automatically accepted into Grade R at Fish Hoek Primary School.